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Manufacturers of Building Services Encasement Systems

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Pipe Casings
Pipe Casings and Pipe Boxing Literature Version 17.1
Pipe Casings and Pipe Boxing Fitting Instructions Version 7.0
Click on the link below to download our Radiator Output Guide which includes hospital pattern, column and cast iron sectional radiators.
Radiator Calculator
Previous Products Designed and Manufactured by BSMW
Heater Guards 1991
Convector Heater Guards 1997
NCase Linear Perimeter Heating Casing 1997
Style P Radiator Covers and Ncase Pipe Casings 1997
Boxit Pipe Casings 1999
Protex Radiator Covers and Wireshield Heater Guards Selection 2000
Protex Radiator Covers, Wireshield Heater Guards and Boxit Pipe Casings 2001
LST Radiator Covers and Heater Guards 2004
Zylo Preformed Building Services Casings 2006